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Conference of self-advocacy in Zagreb

On the 17 th of June 2009 a group of self-advocates from Osijek participated in a conference of self-advocacy in Zagreb in which were present self-advocates from Zagreb, Slavonski Brod, Osijek, Bjelovar and Čakovec.

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People with intellectual disabilities who live in organized housing are members of the “Association for promoting inclusion” and they are the initiators of the project “Friend of a friend” which with its simple and colorful approach try to educate their friends who are also users of the same organization.

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For five consecutive years now, several users of organized housing “Association for promoting inclusion” (persons with intellectual disabilities) participate in the training of Traditional Aikido, and as participants of the project “Croatian Aikikai Aikido Associations” under the name “Joint forces in the fight against drug addiction”.

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