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People with intellectual disabilities who live in organized housing are members of the “Association for promoting inclusion” and they are the initiators of the project “Friend of a friend” which with its simple and colorful approach try to educate their friends who are also users of the same organization.

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Summer holidays in Medena

For several years now, users of organized housing “Association for promoting inclusion” have been spending summer holidays in Trogir, hotel “Medena”, where many tourists from Croatia and other foreign countries spend their holidays.

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For five consecutive years now, several users of organized housing “Association for promoting inclusion” (persons with intellectual disabilities) participate in the training of Traditional Aikido, and as participants of the project “Croatian Aikikai Aikido Associations” under the name “Joint forces in the fight against drug addiction”.

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About Us


„Association for promoting inclusion“ – „UDRUGA ZA SAMOZASTUPANJE OSIJEK“

Street: Ulica Sv. Ane 8

31 000 Osijek

Republic of Croatia

Registration number: 2681463

OIB: 63121701835


President of the association:

Stjepan Gulić,

User of organized housing

“Association for promoting inclusion” in Osijek       stjepan_gulic

Secretary of the association:

Klareta Đipanov,

User of organized housing

“Association for promoting inclusion” in Osijek      klareta_đipanov

Asistent samozastupnika: Ante Papić, prof. reh.


Board of directors: Kristina Brekalo, Klareta Đipanov, Stjepan Gulić, Marija Mijatović, Kristijan Tekmetarović, Žaklina Rukavina, Danijela Haler, Dragoljub Mikas, Darko Ribić, Ksenija Janković


Association for self-advocacy was established on the 11th of Aug 2010 by persons with intellectual disabilities, who are also users of the organized housing “Association for promoting inclusion” in Osijek, which is the result of eight years work and participating on various project as a group for self- advocates in Osijek.
With organized meetings, self – advocates dealt flyers and in that way helped pass the idea of self – advocacy on the local population of the city of Osijek, they were often integrated in various city contents (city pools, city ZOO, concerts and other manifestations), participated in congress and conferences.
Establishing the associations started a more serious and organized fight against discrimination of persons with disabilities to witch unfortunately the mental context of society has built walls towards people with disabilities where their fundamental human rights have been denied for example the freedom to decide of one’s life and respecting their thoughts, attitude and feelings.

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